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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fashion handbags: Style vs Comfort - Samia Adnan

Many of us do not consider that fashion handbags are not only for
carrying useful items like wallets, car keys, cosmetics items, and
other useful things that they need to carry with them when they go out
but handbags are also a fashion accessory which can also offer comfort
along with style.

Many ladies go out and buy a fashion handbag of a famous brand like
GUCCI, D & G and PRADA for the purpose of showing off but they hardly
think if the fashion handbag is going with their personality or not.
We should always match our fashion handbags with our body proportion,
i.e. shape and size and avoid buying a handbag with is too large or
too small for us. Small sized handbags go well with slim ladies with
small built, as they hold close to the body while large handbags that
are a lot common these days are perfect for ladies with large body. If
you are slim then try never to buy a large size handbag as you will
seem to be covered behind it as if you are hiding yourself out of
shyness, which won’t give a nice impression. If you are tall and thin
then choose a medium size handbag, especially a shoulder handbag which
come under your arms and against your waist

If you do not want to spend too much on expensive fashion handbags
then buy the one which will go with most of your attire, for example a
multicoloured handbag with match with whatever dress you wear at a
party. If you need to look sober then go for a white, grey, black or
brown handbag and carry them according to the colour of your shoes.

When selecting a handbag, choose the one that suits your life style.
Some fashion handbags come with so many inner and outer pockets which
make it easy for organizing thing like you can place your wallet or
money in the inner pockets while your car key, entry passes, mirror
and coins in the small pockets at the side or back of the handbag. It
will be more easy to find thing when they are required as compared to
the bags that do not have any pocket neither inside or outside but
just one large compartment to house everything which is not
comfortable for many who do not want to waste time searching for stuff
like lipsticks, keys, pen or a visiting card. But these bags are
perfect for those who have to place a few things and want to carry
them at one place instead of searching for them in different pockets.
So choose the design of the fashion handbag which is comfortable for
your lifestyle. If you are a student then go for spacious fashion
handbags in which you can stuff in all your books, papers, stationary
items and folders. Teenagers are mostly going for small and funky
fashion handbags that a professional lady will think thrice before
buy. While ladies with small babies prefer comfort to style, thus they
carry huge handbags containing toys, rattles, diapers, children
garments, bottles, milk, baby powder, lotion and all other things that
they need to carry when they are going out with their kids.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Lets Voice Against Indecent TV Commercials

Now a days various TV Commercials have crossed the boundaries of decency and morality. It has become hard for a family to watch tv together. Even during news or while just changing the channels we come across ads of ladies' personal products. I wonder whats wrong with the media and our society that no one is caring to voice against these ads. These ads are so embarrassing. I wonder how the parents and families of these young girls allow them to appear and dance around in such ads.
The society has become so shameless that they do not consider these ads as indecent. Not just the ads of always, veet, olivia but now even the ads of cellular service providers, mobile phones and variosu tea brands are getting so obscene. They are showing that flirting and dancing around is the only thing left for Pakistani ladies. Wake up!
This is a country that our forefathers sacrificed and fought for - just to follow their lives on the principles of Islam, which teaches morality, respect for women and haya (modesty).

The recent ads of Samsung, Q Mobile and other mobile phones is depicting the mobile phones as a mean of flirting and talking to the opposite gender. Tarang tea ad too had added more to indecency. Where are the values? Is this the way to market the products. The TV channels are not realizing their responsibility - they should safeguard our culture and promote our values instead of promoting vulgarity in the name of commercials.

Pakistani nation should raise their voice to make these companies find a decent way of marketing their products. If these companies do not change their marketing starategy then I guess we better boycott their products to teach them a lesson!

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