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Monday, 14 February 2011

Mobile phones Can Increase Stress Levels

Almost everyone is having a mobile phone these days with everyone having different types of ringtones, message alerts tones, alarms and reminders sounds noising every now and then that it sometimes really get disturbing.

Regardless of time and space people are least bothered to change their mobile phone's ringtones or notification sounds. They do not even care to at least keep their mobile phone on silent or vibration when they go to mosques, hospitals or their workplaces. A person who is concentrating on an important work is bound to get disturbed on hearing a loud tones coming from a mobile phone of the person standing nearby.

Lack of Decency: The people seems to be devoid of any mobile phone etiquettes now a days. They tend to look cool rather then trying to act responsible and decent enough to change the ringtones according to the place they are in. It seems rather absurd to hear a popular song when one is attending funerals where mourning is being observed. Gone are the days when youngsters used to keep their mobile phones on vibration when they were in the company of elders - simply out of respect and reverence. Now a days we hardly see any one using a simple beep sound. All we hear is loud music accompanying most absurd lyrics that one can even imagine.

Irritating Ring back tones: Ring-back tones - which one hears when you dial the other persons’ mobile number are also getting popular. Cellular companies are introducing different types of ring back tones day in and day out to promote their brand and gain a lot of subscribers to fill in their revenues. It ok to listen to a nice song while waiting for someone to attend the call but it really gets confusing at times when we happen to hear a dialogue of a movie and take it as if someone has attended the call.

What About Mobile Games? Not just ringtones, ring-back tones, alarms and SMS alerts sounds disturbing - mobile games too have added to the noise, as many people play mobile games at public places with full volume just to pass their time forgetting that they might be depriving someone from the blessing known as peace of mind.

Mobile tones Can Increase Stress Levels: Most of the loud noise especially ringtones can increase stress levels. Since almost everyone is carrying around at least one mobile phone with them, and since a lot of people have got ringtones nowadays. Sometimes, one really wishes to to a no mobile phone area to relax one's mind by treating it with the tranquility of silent or powered-off mobile phones.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

iPhone Apps for Professionals

As the use of iPhone smartphone is rapidly growing, so is the development of the mobile applications for it. Apple’s App Store has mobile applications that are applications capable of helping business people to get the most out of their iPhone handsets.

Here, I am going to discuss those iPhone applications which will be useful for the small business. We are all aware that there many types of small businesses (i.e. medical and legal practices, accountants, pharmacies, booksellers, restaurants, decorators, retail stores, etc.), all the people related to any type of small business are having their own unique mobile requirements. Take a look at the following different iPhone applications available from iTunes.apple.com:
  • AccessMyLan: Permits registered users of the AccessMyLan VPN to remotely log into their office network. (Free)
  • Access RPN Calculator: A four-function animated calculator that provides you intermediate results on its way to the final answer. (Free)
  • Around Me: With the help of iPhone’s GPS function, this iPhone app lets you to locate the nearest bank, gas station, hospital, hotel, restaurant, supermarket, etc. in your vicinity. (Free)
  • Dragon Dictation: Speak e-mails, text messages, notes and more; latest update adds voice input to Facebook and Twitter’s mobile application. (Free)
  • Box.net: View, access, share and read up to 5GB of files and documents in the cloud for free; premium accounts deliver up to 500GB of storage and beyond. (Free)
  • Balance: Track and manage all your various account balances while on the move. (Free)
  • BalanceDo: Mobile companion to the Internet-based invoicing software that send and track receivables from your iPhone or iPod touch. (Free)
  • Currency: Currency converter supports the exchange rates of over a hundred currencies and countries. (Free)
  • Currency Converter: This app, converts over 180 currencies and four precious metals (that latter useful if you’re a jeweler); even includes the rates for some obsolete currencies. (Free)
  • Bump: Wirelessly share contact information and much more, such as photos or even stream music, with other Bump users; instantly connect on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. (Free)
  • MobileMe iDisk: Add-on to Apple’s MobileMe multi-computer/device synchronization service enables you to share and view your iDisk files and documents from your mobile device. (Free)
  • Evernote: Text, picture and audio note-taking mobile application and organizer; synchronizes with Mac or PC desktops. Evernote mobile app is also available for Android mobile devices. (Free)
  • Dropbox: Enables Dropbox account holders to access, sync and share documents and files from their iPhone. (Free)
  • Mobile Personal Assistant: Stay informed regarding flight reservations, ground transportation and more for your Rearden Commerce account; includes maps, weather and customer support features. (Free)
  • Fuze Meeting:  This iPhone application will help you in scheduling and hosting web conferences and meetings from your iPhone. (Free)
  • Facebook: Keep hold of your personal and business Facebook accounts. (Free)
  • LinkedIn app: Mobilizes access to the 80-million strong social network for professionals. (Free)
  • Google Voice: Provides personal phone number you can link to as many phones (landline and cellular) as you like; also transcribes voice mail, displays Google Voice number when making calls from within app; and allows you to send free SMS messages and make cheap international calls. (Free)
  • iFax: Send and receive documents and images with your iPhone. (Free)
  • Fring: VoIP and instant messaging client connects you with friends and colleagues through Google Talk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter and SIP for free; supports live chat as well as video and voice calling across multiple platforms. (Free)
  • EasyTasks Todo: Task manager and note taker that makes it easy to add, view and delete tasks from a single screen. ($0.99)
  • Analytics App: This iPhone app analyses Google Analytics traffic data for your company’s Web site into 55 reports. ($6.99)
  • Air Sharing: This iPhone app will let you access and share your desktop files. ($2.99)
  • FileMagnet: With this iPhone app you can Copy and view files in various formats–including PDF, Microsoft Office, RTF, and iWork ’09-between your desktop and iPhone. ($4.99)
  • 1Password: This iPhone app us good for saving and encrypting data, such as credit card and account numbers, and automatically logs you into Web sites that require usernames and passwords when you visit from the mobile edition of Safari. ($9.99)
  • BizEpense: Easily track and report your business expenses. ($1.99)
  • Calengoo: Access, modify and perform all your Google Calendar functions (i.e. invitations) from a mobile app that looks very similar to Google’s web-based calendaring solution. ($6.99)
  • Credit Card Terminal: Turns iPhone into credit card terminal to accept payments for those with an Authorize.Net account; enter numbers manually or through a swiper. ($0.99)
  • FlightTrackPro: This iPhone app is very useful for the frequent travelers. It is somewhat of a toolkit that delivers real-time flights updates through push alerts and notifications covering more than 1400 airlines and 4000 airports worldwide. ($9.99)
  • Delivery Status Touch: This iPhone app is very popular and is used for tracking the status of shipments as well as online orders from websites including Amazon, Apple, Adobe, Nintendo and Google Checkout etc. ($4.99)
  • Documents To Go Premium – Office Suite: This useful iPhone app let you edit, view and create Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents; sync files with desktop and with cloud-based storage services such as Google Docs, ($16.99)
  • Dropbox, Box.net, iDisk and SugarSync: As compared to the above mentioned iPhone app, thse are offering a low-priced Documents To Go Office Suite, but does not support remote storage access. ($9.99)
  • eWallet – Secure Password Manager: This useful iPhone application protect and carry around personal information in a single file on your iPhone; password-protect PIN numbers, bank account information, credit card numbers etc. ($9.99)
  • GoodReader: Read and annotate very large PDF and TXT files, freehand drawings and more before sharing these manuals, schematics, meeting notes, etc. with friends and co-workers. ($2.99)
  • Invoice2go: Total a bill and then invoice for work done to a client right from your iPhone. ($9.99)
  • iTranslate: Translates words, phrases and sentences into 52 languages; capable of speaking translations for 16 of those languages. ($1.99)
  • JotNot Scanner: Converts iPhone into a mobile document scanner and fax machine; processes images on iPhone (converting them into PDF, PNG or JPG files), can handle multipage documents, and lets you upload them to a variety of cloud-based storage services.  ($0.99)
  • Minibooks for FreshBooks: ($14.99)  A mobile app that Syncs with web-based FreshBooks invoicing software; manage clients, send invoices, run timer and record payments from your iPhone. However, its Lite version (Free) limits iPhone access to viewing the data of only three clients.

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Get a Long Lasting Mobile Battery Experience

In this present epoch we have become so much obsessed and dependent on our mobile phones that we detest anything that prevents us from being in tact with our mobile phone.

We are all aware that mobile phone’s battery have not improved as much as the mobile phone and these latest gadgets have improved. Juice draining is a common problem that many of us are suffering from. Now a days many people are buying more than one battery for their mobile phones and getting car chargers too, to keep their mobile phone powered on 24/7. Many even try to make sure that they carry their charger with them along wherever they go.

Keeping Battery Power Stay for Longer: Scientists are working on air-fueled battery that would have the capacity to store up to ten times the energy storage. Oxygen drawn from the air reacts within the porous carbon to release the electrical charge in this lithium-air battery. But we can not wait for this technology to reach our hands, so about trying to save the battery from draining so quickly!

Use Genuine Charger: Always use a genuine mobile charger, instead of going for the low=priced Chinese made non-genuine mobile phone chargers in order to get maximum out of your mobile battery.
Take Care of your Mobile’s Battery: Keep your mobile battery terminals clean – you can do this by cleaning it once in a month time with alcohol. keeping it away from moisture, water and high temperature.
Lower your Mobile’s Display Brightness: Set the brightness of your mobile phone on a low level – this will also be good for your eyes. Also, shorten the display duration too, this will help you in great deal!
Don’t Let them Run in Background: Smart-phones that have features like 3G, Wi-Fi, EDGE, GPRS, Camera, Flash, Bluetooth, FM radio, video player, mobile applications, JAVA, mobile games etc. drain battery very quickly. So only use these features when necessary instead of letting them run on background.
Get up when it sounds: Get up as soon as you hear the wake-up alarm instead of letting it consume your battery.
Do not Let it Ring for long: When you get a call answer it as soon as possible so that it rings for lesser time. When busy keep it on silent to prevent it from ringing that long. Try not to keep long duration ringtones and sms tunes. Keep them on a beep or similar.
Keep the Talk short: Try not to talk too long, leave some of the unnecessary gossips (aur sunao stuff). Keep the conversation brief and relevant and of course avoid taking unnecessary calls. You can always excuse that you are busy!
Turn Off Vibration: Vibration feature in the mobile phone consumes quite a lot of battery power, therefore, we should try keeping the vibration off unless the mobile phone is on ‘silent’. Vibrating mobile phones also create disturbance during an important meeting. So keep it off unless it is very necessary.
Switch it Off: Switch off your mobile phone if you have some signal problem or during times when you are not using it – while sleeping, taking a nap, studying, during meals etc.
Let it Discharge: If you want to get the maximum out of your mobile phone’s battery then always let the mobile battery get fully discharge and then turn off the mobile before you charge it. Full charging gives the battery long life time.

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Monday, 7 February 2011

Is your Mobile Phone Revealing your Personality?

 When buying a latest mobile phone keep it in mind that which ever mobile brand you choose it will portray your personality.
According to a recent research mobile phones can suggest about its user’s personality. David Chalke, a social analyst, says that a person’s mobile phone can give us an insight into mobile users’ attitudes towards their “work, rest and play.” Most personality attributes differed between owners of mobile phone brands.
  • iPhone Users: “The iPhone users thinks computers give them control over their lives. They love entertaining at home, but wouldn’t be caught dead in the garden. ‘iPhone is the Alfa Romeo”. They are mostly living in the world of their own. They love plaving virtual games instead of outoor sports. They try to have an app for everything. You name it and they have a mobile application for it in their iPhone. Be it a newspaper or a game or social networking site. These are mostly rich people but not as business minded or professionals as BlackBerry users are.
  • Sony Ericsson mobile users like a full social life and are fond of fast food. They like music and enjoy it to the fullest. They are mostly found 3 in 8 people. Its Walkman series are alot common here.
  • LG mobile users are predominantly women aged 14 to 24 are unlikely to be pay TV subscribers and admit they are not very mechanically minded.
  • BlackBerry Users: Blackberry mobile users are high-earners aged 35 to 49, they are email-loving and are more likely than other mobile phone users to have entertained friends and relatives in the past three months, are regular movie goers, video gamers and newspaper readers. These are mostly professionals and want to have things organized.
  • Nokia mobile users are unlikely to be aged 14 to 24 and less likely to have played arcade video games in the past three months, “Nokia is the security blanket,” says David Chalke. Majority of Pakistanis have Nokia mobile phones. Nokia mobile phones are owned by rich and low-income earners – the only differnce is the model of their mobile phone. The rich would be holding a Nokia N8, a teenager from a middle class would be having a Nokia Xpress Music while the poor would have Nokia 3010 or similar. People who do not afford costly mobile phones would buy Nokia C1 or C2.
  • Samsung mobile users mostly have interest in arts and creativity. Samsung mobile users tend to be conservative dressers over 50. “Samsung is the Daihatsu.” Samsung devotees tend to be conservative dressers, aged over 50, who avoid air travel and don’t like taking risks. They are not that rich to buy an iPhone but ant to be a part of ‘fun club’. Samsung mobilee offers its users almost every feature that they want in a llow price as compared to iPhone and BlackBerry. Samsung mobile has everything that a teenager is fond of and that too at an affordable price. Mostly girls and ladies of the middle income household are seen with Samsung mobile phone while boys prefer Sony Ericsson or Nokia mobile.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mobile Phone: More of a Communicative Device - Samia Adnan

Some thirty or forty years back we never even imagine that we will always be carrying handheld devices like mobile phones with us and that Internet will become indispensable.
With the advent of mobile phones there were only a few people who got hands on mobile phones and we used to consider that the mobile users are belonging to elite class of the society or that they are busy bourgeois class business people or doctors etc.
My Butcher Keeps a Mobile Phone! At that time, there was no concept that household ladies, children and a layman who owns a grocery shop or a butcher would be carrying a mobile phone, but now by the passage of time everything has changed. Mobile phone has now become a necessity instead of a status symbol (except for a few big mobile brands like BlackBerry and iPhone etc.)
The World has 5.28 Billion Mobile Phone Users: According to UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU): “At the beginning of the year 2000 there were only 500 million mobile subscriptions globally and 250 million Internet users.” The estimated number of Internet users had reached 2.08 billion by the end of 2010, compared to 1.86 billion a year earlier. The estimated number of mobile phone subscriptions worldwide had reached 5.28 billion at the end of the last year, compared to 4.66 billion at the end of 2009. There are 6.9 billion people in the world, and 5.28 billion mobile phone subscriptions. Whether its a person living in urban areas or rural areas, almost everyone is using a mobile phone which is easily available at different prices offering various features and types to choose from.
Developing Mobile Industry: Mobile phone industry has flourished and developed so rapidly that almost daily a new mobile phone is being announced or launched. Mobile applications have become so common now whereas there was no concept of mobile applications a few years back. Almost every mobile makers is trying to introduce an app store. New technologies are being introduced every now and then that it makes one wonder that what is next is going to be added in a mobile phone? Calculator, stop-watch, calender, etc have become an essential part of a mobile phone. From an audio player to radio and from video player to camera, WAP to Wi-Fi and now the 3G technology.
One Device – Numerous Uses: A Mobile phone has replaced our wallet and bank, it has even replaced our desktop computer. Not to forget mobile games – which has become a source of fun for many, who find it hard to play physical sports and games. Even a TV and a torch light has also made its place in mobile phones! People has stopped wearing wrist watches because their mobile phone can not only tell them the time but they can also set alarm on them. Thus, an alarm clock that was commonly found on the bedside has been replaced by a mobile phone set. Mobile phone is so essential that without it – its hard to locate any one at a crowded place. Thus, to make it short, one can perform plenty of tasks with a mobile phone that we had ever imagined before it was introduced to everyone. Lets wait and see what the future brings to the mobile phone or if any other device is going to take its place?
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Written by Samia Adnan